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Yeetburgers are a special type of burger made with YeetMeat. They provide amazing health benefits to those who eat it. Yeetburgers are quite popular among Kangaroos, who will do anything to obtain a yeetburger.



3 pounds of YeetMeat (The meat of a Yeet, which is, in the simplest terms, a Yeti/Goldfish hybrid)

1 tablespoon of salt yeet yeet yyeettet7t-gy hjhgtyujnbvcfghjnbvghjnbvghjuikjnbvghuikmnbv hjuikjnbvcfgyuijn cvghjun vghujikmn vbhjkmnb vghuik vbhjkmn vghjk,m bhjikm vbhjikmn vbghjuikmn vghjn cvghjn vghjnb vghujikmn vgyuikmn cvfgyhuiol,mn vgyuiokmnb cfgyhuikmnb vcfgtyuikmjnb cfgtyhuikmnb vcvfghyujikmnb vcfgtyuiokmnb vcfgyuiolkmnbv cfghyuiolkjnbvcfghyuijhbgvfghjiojhgvcfghji;uyughvbjguiolkjhvghjiokjhbvcvghjijhbvghuiojhbvghuiokjhbvghjikjhbvhjkijnbvbhjkjnhbvbhjkjnbvbhjkjnbjkjnbvbhjkjnbvbjkjnbvbhjkjnbv bjkjnbv bhjkjnbvbhjkjnbvbhjnb bn nmn bnbv vbnjmnb n bnmnb bnmn bn nmnb bnbvghjhgvghjhvgghyhyuiujbhujnb bhjioijb vbgbnjnbhjnb n bhjiijhb bhui9ijhb nhuiokjnb bhjuioijhgvghjijhgvcvghjioijhgfcfghujhgvcfghuiokjhbgvcghjuikjhbvcvghjikjnhbvgbhjikjnhbv bhjkijnhbv cbhjikjhbvghjhbvbhjkjnbvbhjkjnbv bhjkjnbvcvghjikjhvcvghjiokjhbvcvghjkjhbvccvbhjkjnbv cvbhjkl

12 slices of white bread

3 of FakeMintie’s cousins

1 cup of sesame

How to cook a YeetBurger[]

1) Yeet the YeetMeat into a fire, then forget about it for the next few hours. Please note that YeetMeat is likely to explode when remembered.

2) Retrieve the YeetMeat from the fire, then rub in the salt.

3) Slice the YeetMeat into patties.

4) Put the YeetMeat slices in between two slices of white bread along with FakeMintie’s cousins.

5) Sprinkle sesame over the whole thing.

6) Enjoy! Yeetburgers contain vitamins F, A, K, E, M, I, N, T, and Y.

(Makes 6 servings)


  • Yeetburgers were originally on the cover of Book 8: Legacy, but Shannon didn’t want readers trying to eat it, so the yeetburgers were removed.
  • Although yeetburgers have been mentioned several times throughout the series in books 11, 12, 15, 17, and 20, they have yet to make an appearance in book 23: Dawnbreaker.
  • Ogres are known to be highly allergic to yeetburgers. Allergic reactions include itching, redness, dancing, and smiling.