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A yeet is an animal whose meat (YeetMeat) is often used in yeetburgers. A yeet's genetics, which are extremely complex, are described below.

Yeet genetics[]

A yeet is the child of an elf-Goldfish hybrid and a yeti-Goldfish hybrid. For example, if FakeMintie and Fintan's child were to marry RealMintie and the Abominable Snowman's child, that would result in a yeet. However, a yeet is always the firstborn child. Any child born after a yeet will be called a reet. Reets resemble yeets in their early years, but begin resembling hairy Goldfish as they get older, but are still called reets.

If a yeet were to marry a reet, an elf, a yeti, a gnome, a troll, an ogre, or a goblin, it would result in a human. If a yeet were to marry a Goldfish, it would result in a unicorn. If a yeet was to marry another yeet, however, the world would end.

Yeet intelligence[]

Yeets are highly intelligent beings, despite being classified as animals. They communicate through hand movements and face expressions, no sounds involved. However, all yeets are born blind, so we have no idea if they're actually communicating with one another or just trying to annoy everyone around them.


Adult yeets are usually around 10 feet tall and very skinny (See: a pole). Orange fur covers their whole body, and they have large, pointy ears that somewhat resemble a rabbit's. They have long arms and legs.

Young yeets have similar features, but with less fur and smaller everything.

Being extremely ugly does not stop a yeet from being extremely delicious.


  • Yeets have been known to yeet objects (hence their name) as self-defense.
  • Yeets have surprisingly good throwing skills, and can yeet you so far that even Google can't find you.
  • There are about 400 yeets left in the world today, making them an endangered species
  • The proper way to kill a yeet is to play the Caillou Theme Song Ultraextended in its ear.
  • Some yeets pretend to be lampposts in an attempt to camouflage themselves.