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Wylie and Aelin[]

Wyelin/Endthoughts is the romantic pairing of Aelin Gravity (aka AwkwardShadowThoughts) and Wylie Endal.

When Wylie was attacked by the Neverseen in Book 5: Lodestar, Aelin helps him escape and recover, before returning to her homeworld of Terrasen. First, though, Wylie gave her an Imparter so that they could communicate, as he was quickly falling for her. They soon started to meet up in the Forbidden Cities, and within a month, the two were dating.

Other Names[]

Aelie(Ae/lin and Wy/lie)

Waelin(W/ylie and Aelin)

AwkwardShadowEndal(AwkwardShadow/Thoughts and Endal)

Wythoughts(Wy/lie and AwkwardShadow/Thoughts)


  • Aelin helped Wylie escape the Neverseen when he was kidnapped and attacked.
  • Wylie gave Aelin an Imparter, telling her to “call him whenever she could”
  • The two of them met up in the Forbidden Cities and Aelin told Wylie her name, whereas previously she had kept it a secret.
  • They appeared on the cover of Book 14: Spellbound together.
  • Wylie kissed Aelin on the cheek on the rooftop of a building.
  • As they are both Flashers, they have practiced their abilities together.


  • Both have living fathers
  • Both are part of the Black Swan
  • Both have brown hair
  • Both are Flashers
  • Both love each other
  • Both like eating (and baking) mallowmelt
  • Both are elves


  • Aelin’s mother is alive, while Wylie’s is not.
  • Wylie is fully elf, while Aelin is part elf, part Fae.
  • Wylie has blue eyes while Aelin has green eyes.
  • Wylie is a male while Aelin is a female
  • Wylie is much older than Aelin appears to be(no one knows her true age)
  • Aelin is a Psoniopath and a Flasher, while Wylie has only one ability.