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As shown in the table above, Ooficorn genes are dominant, Alicorn genes are recessive, and Ooficorns are in between.

Let's start with Ooficorn genes.

Ooficorns' genes always are the one that shows in the Unicorn itself. It more or less is like a virus. The Ooficorn gene corrupts any other Unicorn gene or Alicorn. This is because when both Ooficorn and Unicorn/Alicorn genes are present in the baby Unicorn, the Ooficorn genes actually "kill" off any other unicorn genes.

Oh dear *sniff sniff* what a cruel world. *sniffing continues*

Ooficorn genes are actually radioactive. That would explain why pure Ooficorns are always heated up. The heat comes from the radioactive DNA in their cells. Ooficorns have a way to solve this problem, however, as their voracious appetite and their ability to heal their body on a molecular level helps to regenerate the genes.

However, this means that the amount of heat decreases over time. Ooficorns' territories are exposed to tons of sunlight. This kind of 'excites' the genes into a radioactive state. However, those radioactive atoms (unstable isotopes) are passed down through their genes. In essence, passing down the heat to the baby Ooficorns.

This makes female Ooficorns especially hot when ready to mate, as they are getting ready to pass down genes to the next generation. (wink wink nudge nudge; "in heat") This behavior is observed only when they are sexually mature.


Alicorn genes.

Their genes are usually the weakest and most easily damaged. Which can explain the high rate of cancer in Alicorns? Alicorn genes are also ALWAYS recessive. This means that there have to be two pure-bred Alicorn parents in order to have an Alicorn that carries ONLY the Alicorn gene.

NExt--*cough cough* I hate yelling.

Unicorn genes.

Unicorn genes are not consistent with their genetics results, as Unicorn genes, in a nutshell, act dominant when present together with Alicorn genes. Unicorn genes show when an Alicorn and a Unicorn.. y'know.. do their thing.

When it comes to Ooficorns, on the other hand, Ooficorns are the one that is dominant, and Unicorn genes are recessive in this case.

What is most amazing about Unicorn genes, however, is that Unicorn genes corrupt themselves if alone in a baby Ooficorn. Resulting in a 5% chance of getting a baby Alicorn and a 95% chance of obtaining a baby Ooficorn. (my goodness this all sounds cheesy)

This requires Ooficorns to HYBRIDIZE with Alicorns to get pure-bred Unicorns. Which explains the near-extinction of unicorns.

(IDK Grady and Edaline may be hiding them somewhere XD)

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