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The Ooficorn language is very random. Because Ooficorns are only capable of creating the sound Oof and variations of it, their language is centered around words that are pretty much various misspellings of the word "oof". Most of their words mean things that would not be used in human everyday conversations, but are often used by Ooficorns. This list is obviously not complete, so if you happen upon any other words, please add them!

Oofooof: a group of insane people who are the same type of insane for the same insane reasons. Also known as a fandom

FOOF: literally translates to "I ATE AN OOFICORN AND I SHALL NOW PROCEED TO TURN PURPLE AND BE INSANE FOR THE NEXT 13 HOURS". this is what a person yells when they eat Oofmeat 

achoof: a delicious fireproof snotlike substance that coats Ooficorn organs and keeps FOO from burning them up

FOO: a condition that occurs when an Ooficorn spots a Goldfish and its fur goes up to 400,000,000,001 degrees Celsius (720,000,000,034 degrees Fahrenheit)

oooOOooOOOoooFFF: an expression one uses when two people are close with each other and are deeply in love but are also really stubborn so they are not aware of their love or the other person’s love. Also known as Sopockets

OOFoof: a book series that is really epic but is also a severe mood and may cause you to commit ifoff. Also known as Keeper of the Lost Cities

ifoff: extreme insanity to the point that you randomly yell out “IM A KAWAII POTATSOATO” to the president

foofle: a Goldfish that does not understand the “Hotel? Trivago” joke

fonfoo: used to refer to a person who has a really awesome and amazing ship but no one else ships it because it’s an interfandom ship from a very obscure fandom and so no one else can figure out what the person is fanpersoning? about if the fate of mallowmelt depended on it

fiyy: a really epic Imagine Dragons song that a person really wants to listen to but can't because they forgot their headphones and the person next to them has really terrible taste in music and says that they'll eat an avocado if they have to listen to that song

oioof: tap dancing so super fast that a random dust speck in Antarctica will explode for no particular reason at all

oofloof: a golden gondola that floats on a pool of goat milk that a horse danced the hokey-pokey in

Ofyaaf: Literally translates to "I ate a pineapple cocoon seed!" Means that you ate a pineapple cocoon seed.

Fuffle: When you wait five minutes for a page to load and then click the reload button right when the page loads and have to wait five more minutes all over again

offlew: Literally translates to "avocado-smelling whoopee cushion". Used as an insult by Ooficorns, but since they are pretty easygoing creatures (most of them, anyway), this word is not often heard.

Ofofa: A type of small snail that lives in the darkest rainforests that responds only to a chorus of screaming woodpeckers. Many ooficorns consider this snail a rare delicacy, but it‘s quite hard to find, considering the fact that they live in the darkest rainforests.

Oofafoo: the act of accidentally blowing out the candles on your friend's birthday cake

Fewfifun: a purple scroll that contains all the laws of Ooficorns, such as what kind of fingers are permitted for making mallowfingers (a kraken scale covered in fudge, a popular Ooficorn delicacy) (no one knows why they're called mallowfingers or why the law even exists because you supposedly don't even use fingers) (supposedly).