SoThe-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Her is the friendship/romantic pairing of Sophie Elizabeth Foster and The-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Her who is an unnamed boy character who winked at Sophie in the Matchmaker's Office.

Other names Edit

  • SoThe-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Her (Sophie and The-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Her)
  • The-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Herphie (Sophie and The-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Her)

Moments Edit

  • The boy winks at Sophie while they are at the Matchmaker's office.

Similarities Edit

  • They are both (presumably) elves.
  • They both register for Matchmaking.

Differences Edit

  • The boy is male and Sophie is female.
  • We know Sophie's name, but we do not know the name of The-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Her.
  • The boy has blue eyes while Sophie has brown eyes.
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