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Sophie and Pockets, or Foskets, is the romantic pairing of Sophie Elizabeth Foster and Pockets. It was first introduced in Flashback, when Sophie requests pockets "so she can carry weapons".


  • Sophie mumbles about pockets as she is falling asleep.
  • Keefe teases her about it, hinting that he might feel jealous. Keefe is an empath, so if he thinks Sophie has a crush on pockets she probably does.
  • Sophie asks Flori to make clothes with a lot of pockets, presumably so she can always be near her true love.
  • Sophie wears the purple tunic not because she wants to look good for Fitz, but because it has pockets.

Similarities and Differences:[]


  • Both are very useful in case of a fight.
  • Both are appreciated by Fitz.
  • Both do not sleep
  • Both are insane enough that this page became a thing


  • Sophie is alive, while pockets are inanimate objects.
  • There is one Sophie, but many pockets. After all, the more pockets the better!
  • While we suspect Sophie has a crush on pockets, but we do not know about the pockets' feelings for Sophie.
  • Sophie is female, while pockets are inanimate
  • Pockets can not feel feelings
  • Pockets could never be in a relationship because they are FREAKING INANIMATE
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