Kilveny is the friendship/romantic pairing of Keefe Sencen and Silveny the Alicorn. As Keefe once tells Sophie Foster,

Silveny loves Keefe and repeatedly chants "KEEFE! KEEFE! KEEFE!". Keefe affectionately calls Silveny "Glitterbutt" and is very fond of her. They appear together on the cover of Exile.

Ship Names Edit

  • Kilveny (K/eefe & S/ilveny)
  • Seefe (S/ilveny & K/eefe)

Moments Edit

Keeper Edit

No moments, as they have not met.

Exile Edit

  • Keefe convinces Silveny to go back in her enclosure while Sophie is unconscious.
  • Silveny only trusts Sophie and Keefe.
  • Silveny repeats "KEEFE! KEEFE! KEEFE!" over and over again.
  • Keefe accompanies Sophie and Silveny to meet with the Black Swan, as Silveny doesn't trust Sandor.
  • Keefe and Silveny appeared on the cover together.

Everblaze Edit

  • Keefe visits Silveny at the Sanctuary.

Neverseen Edit

  • Keefe bans all talk about Silveny's pregnancy, possibly due to jealousy.

Lodestar Edit

  • Silveny tells Sophie "KEEFE GOOD SOON" because she has faith that Keefe will be good.

Nightfall Edit

  • Keefe dreams of a pair of golden-flecked brown eyes that he could "never get out of his head". Silveny has gold-flecked brown eyes. (Note: this moment is not included in the classic books. However, it was released as a special on Shannon's website. You can click here and scroll down to see the Keefe short story in which this is mentioned.)

Flashback Edit

  • Sophie and Keefe name Silveny's twin babies Luna and Wynn.
  • Silveny is depressed and nobody, not even Greyfell, can cheer her up until Keefe visits her.

Similarities Edit

  • They both like one another.
  • They both care about Luna, Wynn, and Sophie.
  • Both are awesome.
  • Both appeared on the cover of Book 2: Exile together.

Differences Edit

  • Keefe has never (to our knowledge) been pregnant.
  • Keefe has never (to our knowledge) been eaten by Fintan.
  • Silveny has brown eyes while Keefe has ice blue eyes.
  • Keefe is an Empath while Silveny is a Teleporter.
  • Silveny can fly, while Keefe can not.
  • Keefe is not "married" to Greyfell.
  • Keefe is an elf and Silveny is an Alicorn.
  • Keefe is a male and Silveny is a female.
  • Keefe's poop is not glittery (to our knowledge).
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