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There are no current pictures of ooficorns, so this is the closest that we could get. They look quite similar, but a lot fierier and often have hair sticking out at random places at most three seconds after grooming

Ooficorns are an elven creature introduced in Book 23: Dawnbreaker. They are described to have a horse-like appearance with pastel-color coats, with complimentary manes and tails and perlescent horns. They are reported to only be able to create the sound "oof". They are often used by Goldfish to make Oofburgers.


Ooficorns are very awkward creatures. They often wander alone, but if they find another Ooficorn they will often start a group, called an Oofooof. Most other creatures see them as vicious and unfriendly, but in truth they're just very awkward around everyone. Telepaths have reported that they think the word "awkward" a lot.

Physical Traits[]

Ooficorns are small creatures. They are roughly the size of a pony, and they'll tell you that it's just genetics, but in truth it's because they need some milk.

What makes them extremely dangerous is their horns. Ooficorns are very clumsy and have been known to trip over pretty much anything that exists, including the ground (how do you trip over the ground? ask their feet) and thin air. Because of their clumsiness, they will often accidentally spear things with their horns.

Ooficorns are natural artists. Their fur constantly shifts colors, depending on their mood. When their mood changes, their colors shift diagonally. Starting at the head and ending at the back legs is how their color changes. (They're pretty moody, so watching them is a real show.) When they feel extreme emotion, their fur's temperature can hit up to approximately 400,000,000,001 degrees Celsius (almost 720,000,000,034 degrees Fahrenheit). However, Ooficorns are not easily excited or surprised - they have really long lifespans, so most of them are super old (they don't look [or act] much like it though) and have already seen the scariest and most shocking things in the world - so pretty much the only thing that will trigger their FOO, as they call it, is the sighting of a Goldfish. If any non-fire resistant being that was not a Goldfish or a Pyrokinetic tried to eat Ooficorns, they would turn purple and start repeating the word "FOOF" for 13 hours. Ooficorns have a snotlike substance called achooof on their organs, which is what kepps FOO from burning them up from the inside. This is what makes them so delicious. Goldfish scales are repellent to Ooficorn horns.

Weird Random Traditions[]

  • They enjoy tap dancing really fast, and often have competitions to see who can cause oioof (tap dancing so super fast that a random dust speck in Antarctica will explode for no particular reason at all) to occur first
  • An oofooof will often gather in an oofloof (a golden gondola that floats on a pool of goat milk that a horse danced the hokey-pokey in) to argue about whether they should eat a grape 21 seconds before New Years' or 13 seconds before. These debates can often get very intense and heated and will usually end in an Ooficorn yelling, "Ofyaaf!" (I ate a pineapple cocoon seed!)

Known Ooficorns[]

Ooferina Ooficorn - Ooferina (aka Oof) is an Ooficorn (in case you didn't know) and has a pastel-blue coat with an aquamarine mane and tail (Ooficorns are kinda like RainWings, they can change the color of their coat and mane) (why is that not in the official description). She's very charismatic and clumsy, like all Ooficorns. Her natural habitat is the Tamdom, but occasionally she strays to the Fakemintan wiki and beyond. In her nonexistent spare time, she runs around doing random stuff that Ooficorns do.