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Mai Liu, AKA Wessa-or-Jessa?/Dauntless-Shadow is a character in the KOTLC series. She is a spy for the Black Swan. She was undercover at the Neverseen headquarters for part of Book 23: Dawnbreaker. Due to her mother being Euterpe, the Muse of Music, Mai is able to play many different types of music, the culture of the music Southeast Asian, as her family is of Vietnamese descent. Her preferred instruments are each from China, Japan, Vietnam, and the USA. China: 艾捷克 (Ghaychak). Vietnam: Đàn nhị. Japan: Kokyū. Her preferred instruments in the USA is the viola.


Mai has long black hair that is slightly wavy. Her eyes are a dark blue color.


Mai is a Hydrokinetic, Telepath, Shade, and a Vanisher.


Keefe Sencen (Friend)[]

Mai and Keefe first met in detention. They bonded over a shared love for pranking.

Biana Vacker (Friend)[]

Mai is good friends with Biana. They met in Book 16.

Linh Song (Good Friend)[]

Linh and Mai met when their Hydrokinetic Mentors paired them together for a training exercise. They have remained good friends ever since.

Tam Song (Good Friend)[]

Tam and Mai became good friends when Mai went over to Linh's home and met Tam.

Fitz Vacker and Sophie Foster (Frenemies)[]

Mai met Fitz and Sophie during a mission for the Black Swan. She disliked them immediately. 1. because of their obvious crushes on each other, and 2. because they just weren't very interesting.

Dex Dizznee (Friend)[]

Mai likes Dex well enough but she hasn't spent much time around him.

Marella Redek (Good Friend/Crush)[]

Mai met Marella in Book 11: Starshine. She developed a crush on Marella after about a year as friends. It is unknown whether Marella returns her feelings.