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Kat and The-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Sophie is the romantic pairing of half-blood elf/turtle fish Kat

and The-Random-Boy-Who-Winked-At-Sophie, who appears in the end of Flashback. They had their first encounter after The-Random-Boy tried to wink at her in the matchmaker's office, but Sophie, jealous of the attention he was giving Kat, jumped in front of Kat before the wink could reach her. After Sophie left, The-Random-Boy chased Kat down and explained what had happened. They bonded over their mutual dislike for Sophie's obliviousness to her own boy-craziness.

Other Names[]

  • The Kandom (The-Random-Boy/ Kat)
  • Randkat (The-Random-Boy/ Kat)


  • The-Random-Boy tried to wink at Kat.
  • The-Random-Boy chased Kat down to explain that he tried to wink at her, not Sophie.
  • Kat forgave him (she had been rather upset before).
  • The-Random-Boy took Kat to lunch after their matchmaking appointments.
  • They bonded over their dislike of Sophie's obliviousness.
  • Together they plotted an innocent prank on Sophie.
  • They pranked Sophie together by making Sophie temporarily unmatchable.
  • Sophie said they made a great team after they explained the prank to her.
  • Keefe, upon hearing about the prank, high-fives Kat (his ex-girlfriend), and a jealous Random-Boy challenges him to a duel.
  • Kat cheers The-Random-Boy on as he duels (and wins) against Keefe.


  • They both registered for matchmaking.
  • They are both at least part elf.
  • They both have blue eyes.
  • They both dislike Sophie's obliviousness.
  • They both like to prank Sophie.
  • They both ship Sokeefe.
  • They are both mysterious.
  • They are both Vanishers


  • The-Random-Boy is an elf while Kat is part elf, part human.
  • The-Random-Boy lives in Atlantis full-time while Kat alternates between living in Paris and Atlantis.
  • The-Random-Boy is male while Kat is female.
  • The-Random-Boy is only a Vanisher while Kat is a Vanisher-Empath hybrid.
  • The-Random-Boy Vanishes his entire body except for his face, while Kat allows her whole body to be visible.
  • The Random-Boy is 17 while Kat is 12,000 (see Kat's page)
  • Kat has the ability to turn into a turtle-fish while The-Random-Boy does not.
  • Kat has been to prison while The-Random-Boy has not.
  • Kat has met and is good friends with FakeMintie and Fintan Pyren, while The-Random-Boy is not (yet.).


Kat has dated Keefe Sencen in the past while The-Random-Boy has dated Sophie Foster, but the two relationships ended a few months after starting, when Kat and The-Random-Boy saw each other for the first time.