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Julia Ambrosia, also known as Sophitzmoments, is a (fan-made) character in the KotLC series. Julia is currently dating Tam, and is best friends with Cress Darnel. She is on the cover of Book 17: Despair and is featured in the first chapter of Book 23: Dawnbreaker making fun of Fintan for getting into prison for the sixtieth time.


(DISCLAIMER: THE PICTURE OF JULIA IS NOT REALLY JULIA!!) Julia is pale white, with greenish blueish eyes and honey/caramel blonde shoulder length hair. She tends to wear clothing on more of the fancy side, but when she is not present in front of others she wears sweatshirts, sweatpants, pajamas, etc., but is obsessed with makeup and pretty dresses as well.

Side Note: Julia used to be a top model in London for a brand called London's Trend. They did not know that she is an elf.


Julia became a Telepath at age 10, then a year later discovered she was also a Vanisher. Now she usually sneaks up on people and randomly lets their thoughts into her brain to know what they think of her, and beause she tends to be nosy.

In book 23: Dawnbreaker, Julia manifests as a Conjuror.

Julia is also a Cognate, but we do not know who her Cognate is.


Tam Song (Dating)[]

Julia started to date Tam in Book 23: Dawnbreaker. They both really like each other, and both think that black is a colour, not a shade. They love spending time with each other, and their personalities balance the other’s out.

Fitz Vacker (Extremely Possible Love Interest)[]

Fitz and Julia have hung out multiple times, and have kissed four times (but both ALWAYS claim, "iT wAs A fRiEnD KiSs" which, if you had seen, it was so obviously NOT) They also dated for 5 months, and never officially broke up, ignored each other for a good three weeks before meeting up again, and they started seeing each other again afterwards. There is a strong possibility they like each other, as they have cinnacreme with each other every other day in Paris, France. One problem: Julia is dating Tam.

Henry Castellanos (Cognate/Possible Love Interest)[]

Julia has been Cognates with Henry since age ten. They have shown interest in each other, but not enough information is known about Henry for us to elaborate further.

Gethen (Used To Be Dating)[]

Julia and Gethen started dating in Book 17: Despair, and both live in a mansion in London. Julia divided the mansion in half, so they could each have their side. They were pretty in love, but Gethen could love someone unknown, and Julia could love Fitz. They broke up in Book 23: Dawnbreaker because Gethen kept "accidentally" reading her mind. Julia moved back to her parents house. It broke a few hearts when they broke up.

Ella Swan (Best Friend)[]

Julia and Ella became best friends in Book 20. They become very close, and spend a lot of time with each other.

Biana Vacker (Good Friend)[]

Biana and Julia met in Book 10, and have been good friends since.

Sophie Foster (Good Friend)[]

Sophie met Julia in book 10 and they instantly realized that they had a ton in common.

Cress Darnel (Best Friend)[]

Cress and Julia met in Level one, and both liked Dex (though Julia's crush wore off an hour later because Dex couldn't pronounce "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" and Julia could. Cress is always there for Julia, and vice versa. They tend to cheer each other up.

Charlotte O. (Best Friend)[]

Charlotte randomly met Julia in Level two because Julia accidentally hit her in the face with a paper airplane and Charlotte responded by hitting her in the face with another airplane. Julia may know Charlotte's last name, but it is not confirmed.

Dex Dizznee (Friend)[]

I guess you could call them friends, but Dex usually is awkward in front of Julia because he's weird with all girls but Cress.

Keefe Sencen (Annoying Fan Kid/Frenemy)[]

Keefe has always followed Julia around when she was at Foxfire, loving her looks, intelligence, and generosity. He loved her even more after she became a model, also attempted to dunk both Gethen and Fitz into a pit of lava to ruin their chances with Julia, yet Julia dislikes him strongly. Keefe likes to tell himself that he is best friends with Julia. He is not.

Fintan Pyren (Ex)[]

Fintan and Julia dated for a while, but Fintan set Julia's hair on fire whilst attempting to saute vegtables.

McKenzie Ambrosia (Mother)[]

McKenzie is Julia's mom, and she and Julia have a good mother-daughter relationship. She owns a mansion in Levenglade, which takes up the whole property. She lives with Julia and her husband.

John Ambrosia (Father)[]

John is Julia's dad, and he and Julia have a good father-daughter relationship. He owns a mansion in Levenglade, which takes up the whole property. He lives with Julia and his wife.

Alec Ambrosia (Brother)[]

Alec Ambrosia is Julia's brother. He is a year younger than her (12 years old) and annoys her to death.


  • People often pronounce her middle name (rows-aye), like the wine, but it is really just (rows).
  • Julia really likes Yeetburgers and Shlaagendaas.
  • Julia is dating Tam.
  • She doesn’t like Fintan.
  • FakeMintie has kidnapped Julia once because she was bored.