Gildex is the romantic pairing of Gildie and Dex. (breakthrough right there) They first met in Book 24, when Dex helped Gildie destroy her own accidental creation. They then went on to advocate the revoking of the Pyrokinetic ban.

Moments Edit

  • Dex saved Gildie's life, even though he had never met her before (She accidentally created an even stronger fire than Everblaze, and Dex created a machine to put it out)
  • Gildie thanks Dex and tells him that he's an awesome Technopath. Dex says she's an awesome Pyrokinetic, even though she almost destroyed half the Lost Cities. (Don't worry, she didn't actually.)
  • Dex shows Gildie how to create any gadget.
  • On a weekend, Gildie had some spare time so she decided to thank Dex by creating a talking robotic hummingbird. It escaped due to a small glitch in the code, but Dex still said it was one of the coolest gadgets he had seen.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  • They both are awesome.
  • They are both elves.
  • They both love programming and creating things.

Differences Edit

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