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Gethlia is the romantic pairing between Sophitzmoments and Gethen.

The first time they met was in Atlantis when they were both shopping for new tablecloths.

They were both on the cover of Book 17: Despair

Other Names:[]

Gethlia (Geth/en and Ju/lia)

Jethen (J/ulia and G/ethen)

Julithen (Juli/a and Ge/then)


  • Gethen compliments Julia's tunic.
  • Julia buys Gethen's lushberry juice after his lusters are declined.
  • Julia and Gethen talk whilst drinking lushberry juice.
  • Julia and Gethen cross paths in the Forbidden Cities after Julia is banished for 'accidentally' setting Councillor Alina's hair on fire.
  • They go on a date in London.
  • They met every day to see each other in London.
  • They began dating,


  • Both have blonde hair
  • Both have blue eyes.
  • Both have been banished.
  • Both live in London.
  • Both are very brave.
  • Both are Telepaths.
  • Both take many risks.
  • Both used to have feelings for each other.
  • Both are elves.
  • Both are bakers.


  • Gethen is a part of the Neverseen whilst Julia is not.
  • Julia is a vanisher and Telepath whilst Gethen is just a Telepath.
  • Gethen is a boy, whilst Julia is a girl.
  • Gethen is better at planning than Julia is.
  • Julia is also a chef, whilst Gethen is not.
  • Julia is a makeup artist, whilst Gethen is not.