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Fitz and Julia is the romantic pairing between Julia Rosé Ambrosia and Fitzroy Avery Vacker.


They met at Exillium in Book 4: Neverseen, and instantly fell in love.They have kissed four times (both claiming it was a "friend kiss") and were deeply in love. We do not know why they broke up. It was never an official break up. They dated for 5 months, but it is possible that they still are in love.


  • Both are Cognates (Fitz with Ella and Julia with Unknown)
  • Both are obsessed with cinnacreme.
  • Both have had crushes.
  • Both share the same friends.
  • Both are Telepaths.
  • Both can cook.
  • Both like watching movies.
  • Both enjoy travelling.
  • Both have teal eyes.
  • Both have attended Foxfire and Exillium.
  • Both have amazing parents
  • Both have siblings that annoy them
  • They were both on the cover of Book 13: Post-Aftermath


  • Fitz is currently dating someone, whilst Julia is not.
  • Julia is female, whilst Fitz is male.
  • Julia is best friends with Biana whilst Fitz is just her sister.
  • Julia has been on three book covers, whilst Fitz has been on more than five.
  • Julia wears Gucci perfume, whilst Fitz wears unknown brand cologne.
  • Julia's hair is golden blonde, whilst Fitz's is an unspecified dark color.