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Fitz and Ella[]

Snugellitz is the romantic pairing between SnugElla/Ella and Fitz.

Their Story:[]

Fitz and Ella first met in the halls of Foxfire. Ella tripped over Fitz's book. Her books and papers went flying everywhere. Fitz helped her up and then helped Ella get her papers and books, while all the girls were glaring jealously. She stared into those deep teal eyes and realized that she had a HUMONGOUS crush on Fitz, and Fitz stared into her sea-greenish teal eyes and also realized that he had a HUMONGOUS crush on Fitz. She ignored the jealous, glaring girls and thanked Fitz for his help. Fitz, however, insisted that she be taken to the Healing Center to make sure that she wasn't hurt. Ella found out that she had a bruise, but she felt fine. After school was over, Fitz gave her an "I-am-sorry" gift, which she thought was cute. It was a stuffed alicorn named Star, and Ella LOVED it!!!!! Then, the two bonded quickly after that, over their shared love for mallowmelt, cinnacreme, and ripplefluffs. Soon after that, Fitz fell for Ella, and they started dating.

Other Names:[]

  • Ellitz (Snug/Ell/a and F/itz)
  • Fitzella (Fitz and Snug/Ella)
  • Fella (F/itz and Ella)


  • Fitz helps Ella up, and helps her get her books and papers.
  • Fitz gives Ella a cute "I-am-sorry" gift.
  • They stare into each other's eyes and realize that they have HUMONGOUS crushes on each other.
  • They both appeared on the cover of Book 21: Swan Song.
  • They see each other every day, either to eat mallowmelt, pizza, cinnacreme, or ripplefluffs, and chat.
  • Ella and Fitz have tried to save the world many times.
  • Both do homework together.
  • Often, they read to each other and tell each other jokes.
  • They bake mallowmelt and Fitz's favorite ripplefluffs and eat them on weekends.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • Both love each other.
  • Both are elves.
  • Both LOVE the color teal.
  • Both have teal eyes.
  • Both have dark hair.
  • Both of them have siblings.
  • Both are OBSESSED with mallowmelt, cinnacreme, ripplefluffs, and pizza.
  • Both have stuffed animals.
  • Both have previously had crushes.
  • Both have kind and caring parents.
  • Both have tried to save the world numerous times.
  • Both are members of the Black Swan.
  • Both tend to be in the action.
  • Both are TOTALLY ADDICTED to reading.
  • Both have been to Foxfire and Exillium.
  • They are both in the same level in Foxfire.
  • Both are writers.
  • Both are telepaths.
  • Both are each other's Cognates (Fitz's Cognate relationship with Sophie failed when she kept secrets from Fitz. Later, he became Cognates with Ella.)
  • Both are not techy, and don't know a lot about coding.
  • Both do not have glasses.


  • Fitz has dark brown hair, while Ella has black hair.
  • Fitz is a male, and Ella is female.
  • When they were at Exillium, Ella was in the Ambi Hemisphere, but Fitz was in the Left Hemisphere.
  • Ella has 1 sibling, but Fitz has 2.
  • Fitz almost kissed Sophie, but Ella has not.
  • Ella is an elf living in the Forbidden Cities, while Fitz is an lives in the Lost Cities.
  • Fitz has one special ability, while Ella has multiple.