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Fitz and Chandelier is the romantic pairing of Fitzroy Avery Vacker and the Vackers' crystal chandelier who’s name remains unnamed canonically but most fans have uncovered that its name is Karen.

Fitz was dating Sophie but eventually decided that he didn't like Sophie. He only likes inanimate objects, like chandeliers. He also kind of likes Linh Song but mostly chandhhhheliers.




  • Fitz got stuck in the chandelier in Book 7: Flashback, after flying too high when using levitation crutches (Keep it PG Fitzroy)
  • After getting stuck in the chandelier, Fitz realized how much he liked the chandelier and that's when his crush started.
  • When Fitz had his Winnowing Gala, his parents did not let him invite the chandelier but he didn't listen and ditched the party to go talk to Karen the chandelier. It was a very one sided conversation.
  • After the Winnowing Gala fiasco, Fitz decided he would only sleep in the living room where he had a view of the chandelier.
  • It is not known if Karen reciprocated- (she's a shucking chandelier mate XD)
  • Fitz started having hallucinations and delusions that Karen was talking back to him. In a British accent, non-the-less.
  • When Fitz went for his match-packet he almost fought one of the matchmakers because they told him that he could not be with a chandelier.
  • In Book 8: Legacy, Dex Dizznee, even tried to make a gadget for Fitz mind that would help him realize how crazy he was being but it didn't work.
  • Fitz was convinced that the chandelier had a conscious and told all of his friends that, "it was true love."
  • In Book 8: Legacy, Fitz considered breaking up with his girlfriend, Sophie Foster, because he loved Karen the chandelier. He eventually decided against it but questioned his decision.
  • Fitz eventually told his best friend, Keefe Sencen about his crush on Karen and Keefe rightfully told Fitz to go see a psychiatrist.
  • When Biana Vacker, Fitz's sister, found out about the "relationship" she was rightfully distraught and unsupportive. She complained to their parents in a worry and they agreed that they were worried but weren't going to do anything about it yet.
  • In Book 8: Legacy, Fitz and Karen got into a fight because Fitz accused her of being bad at communication and it was straining their relationship. Fitz eventually forgave the inanimate object that is Karen for her lack of communication.
  • When Alvar Vacker, Fitz's older brother, found out about the "relationship", Alvar started to plan on how to get rid of the chandelier because that seemed to be the only way to stop his brother. Fair to say his plan failed. Alvar was trying to move the chandelier out of the house, with Alden, their father, helping him. Fitz caught them and was furious. They gave up for the moment and moved the chandelier back to her place in the house.
  • In Book 8: Legacy, Fitz had started to complain that his parents weren't treating Karen like they would if she was an elf. Temporarily giving in to his son's delusions, Alden Vacker gave in and asked Karen, "What are your intentions with my son?". Obviously she did not respond, but Fitz was satisfied.
  • In Book 8: Legacy, Karen saw Fitz and Sophie having a moment and Fitz was convinced that Karen, the inanimate object, was angry about it. Fitz spent the rest of the week convincing Karen that he loved her more than Sophie. By the end of the week Fitz decided that Karen wasn't bitter anymore.
  • In Book 8.5: Unlocked, Sophie and Fitz weren't really dating anymore. Fitz did kind of miss Sophie and the sane part of him was trying to get back with her. When she wasn't around he wouldn't think straight though and he'd fall back in love with the chandelier. By the end of Unlocked, he was highly considering a relationship with the chandelier.
  • In Book 8.5: Unlocked, when the group found out that Fitz was still delusional about the chandelier, they called Elwin. Elwin couldn't help Fitz though because Fitz didn't have anything physically wrong with him. Just mentally.
  • In Book 9: Stellarlune, Fitz was getting so attached to the chandelier that the group decided this couldn't just be him being crazy.
  • In Book 9: Stellarlune, the group discovered that the Neverseen had messed with Fitz's brain, specifically Gethen did, to make him useless to the group. Gethen had done a telepath trick on Fitz's brain to convince Fitz that he was in love with the chandelier.
  • In Book 9: Stellarlune, Sophie was able to undo the trick on Fitz's brain with her telepathy.