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Fitz Vacker, the Ritz Cracker[]

Fitzroy Avery Vacker is a pseudonym for Ritz Savory Cracker. *cough* note the word S A V O R Y *cough* Many try to hide "Fitz's" true name, but we will not let them keep the truth from us any longer. Fitz Vacker is a ritz cracker.


Although Fitz Vacker appears as an elf in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, his true appearance is that of a cracker. Some members of the KotLC fandom speculated that Fitz would appear as a cracker in Legacy, but he remained an elf. It has not been confirmed whether he will appear as an elf or a cracker in Book 9.

When disguised as an elf, Fitz has dark hair and teal eyes. He is generally considered to be very handsome. Or at least, as handsome as a cracker elf can be.

When Fitz is a cracker, he has no hair. His eyes and features are similar to his elven form, but are faint and barely visible in the surface of the cracker.


Fitz's ability is telepathy. When he is disguised as an elf, he conceals his powers and shows only the powers that a regular elf would have, but when he takes on his true form as a cracker, he is able to reveal the true extent of his abilities. His cracker abilities include shapeshifting, mind control, and limited teleportation. In Keeper of the Lost Cities book 2: Exile, Fitz exposes his teleportation in order to save Sophie Elizabeth Foster. Although he worries that this will expose his cracker-ness, his friends do not notice and instead believe that he has just jumped very high.

The Cracker Spy[]

As you will know, if you read the pages on the Crackers and Peace Summit Cracker Massacre, the Crackers have spent centuries creating the perfect Cracker Spy, who would infiltrate the elves and lead the Crackers to glorious freedom and butter. Obviously, Fitz/Ritz is this spy. He is the most powerful of the Crackers, a King amongst Crackers, and will one day have to stand against those who call him 'friend' and 'family'.

Shannon help those who are caught in the crossfire of the future Cracker War.

Oh wait. Never mind. Shannon can't help them at all. No one can.

Close Calls[]

Several times his cracker-ness was almost revealed *gasp*. Alas, his cracker mind control was proved supreme. Once, Biana caught him turning into a cracker. But he then modified her memory so she thought he was just checking his hairdo. *shakes head and mutters something about secret abilities* After that, he only turns into a cracker when he’s at the secret Cracker Room in the Vackers’ home that he constructed. The doorway is in his wardrobe. This is why Biana has never, in all her snooping, found it, for he placed the doorway in his pants drawer and it is fit for only a miniscule cracker guy.

Another time, Fitz caught Keefe and Sophie eating cookies (see: Legacy, KOTLC Book 8) and he barely restrained himself from turning into a cracker and biting their heads off. He was disgusted when he was forced to eat a cookie, as to not make Keefe and Sophie suspicious. To this day, he fears that the ghost of the cookie he ate will come back and haunt him.