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FakeMintan is the friendship/romantic pairing of Fintan Pyren and FakeMintie .  They first met in prison, after

FakeMintie was arrested for identity theft. Fintan, who was in prison for being part of the Neverseen, attempted murder of countless elves, and eating Silveny, fell in love with FakeMintie. They bonded over their shared love of Sparkle-Fanny à la Mode, a delicious casserole consisting of Alicorn, porcarots, brattails, and carnissa root.

Other names[]

  • FakeMintan (FakeM/intie and F/intan)
  • Fintie (Fin/tan and FakeMin/tie)


  • Fintan stares "awestruck" at FakeMintie when she is dragged into the prison
  • Fintan helps FakeMintie escape from her fincuffs
  • FakeMintie takes the blame when Fintan starts a fire in the prison
  • FakeMintie teaches Fintan how to make Sparkle-Fanny à la Mode
  • Fintan and FakeMintie work together to escape from prison
  • FakeMintie uses her ability as a conjurer to conjure wood to make a fire
  • Fintan helps FakeMintie hide when the Black Swan comes to investigate the fire
  • FakeMintie helps Fintan return to the Neverseen
  • Fintan gives FakeMintie a leaping crystal to Alluveterre so she can join the Black Swan

Similarities and Differences[]


  • Both their names start with an F
  • Both have been in prison
  • Both are criminals
  • Both escaped from prison
  • Both attended Exillium
  • Both are very skilled with their Talents
  • Both are extremely tough
  • Both are very skilled chefs


  • Fintan is an elf, but FakeMintie is a goldfish
  • Fintan is a pyrokinetic, while FakeMintie is a conjurer
  • Fintan has never accidentally conjured his pants into the void
  • Fintan has only set his hair on fire once
  • Fintan does not use racoons as towels
  • Fintan has sky blue eyes, while FakeMintie has red eyes
  • Fintan has never (to our knowledge) taken a bath in cinnacreme


Fintan means "white fire" and in the language of the goldfish, FakeMintie means "The-weird-person-who-accidentally-sets-their-hair-on-fire-so-much-that-we're-starting-to-think-that-it's-on-purpose", which could be a clue that they're going to end up together.

A beautiful picture of the couple