Fintan is an elf. He is in love with FakeMintie, whom he met in prison after he was deemed a criminal.
“our world is broken Alden- and all the Council does about it is condemn anyone brave enough to acknowledge that we have a problem. Break our minds, lock us deep in the earth, convince themselves that we are the criminals. But who are the ones ruining lives? Destroying families? Forbidding people from using their abilities, relegating them to working class-”
—Fintan Pyren, in Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile

Appearance Edit

Fintan is extremely handsome and has slender features and looks almost fragile. He has sky blue eyes and messy blond hair. Being an Ancient, he has pointy ears. He had pointier ears than Councillor Bronte making it probable he is older than Bronte.

Ability Edit

Fintan is a Pyrokinetic. He used to be a councillor, but was fired and exiled after they banned pyrokinesis. He became a baddie after this and joined the Neverseen.

Relationships Edit

FakeMintie (Dating) Edit

Fintan and FakeMintie are in love. They met in prison after FakeMintie was arrested for identity theft and Fintan was arrested for being a baddie.
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Kat (Prison Friend, Fellow Neverseen Member) Edit

Kat and Fintan met in prison shortly after FakeMintie and Fintan met. When FakeMintie and Fintan are framed for a horrible crime (DUN DUN DUN), Kat suggests the start of a new Neverseen, including herself, FakeMintie, Fintan, and Eve.

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