Ella Swan Edit

Appearance Edit

Ella has dark, black hair and sea-greenish teal eyes.

Relationships Edit

Fitz Vacker-Dating Edit

Fitz and Ella were in love at first sight. They meet in Book 10, and have been dating ever since.

FakeMintie-Best Friend Edit

Ella and FakeMintie met in Book 15. Even though she hates FakeMintie's boyfriend, Fintan, she is still close with FakeMintie.

Julia-Best Friend Edit

Julia and Ella became best friends in Book 20. They become very close, and spend a lot of time with each other.

Biana Vacker-Good Friend Edit

Biana and Ella meet in Book 12, and they have been good friends ever since then.

Sophie Foster-Good Friend Edit

Sophie and Ella meet when they were in the Elite Levels/Book 9. They also have been good friends ever since.

Linh Song-Good Friend Edit

Linh and Ella meet in Book 11. They become close, and have been good friends after they realized they had a lot in common.

Keefe Sencen-Annoying kid/Friend Edit

Keefe and Ella meet in Book 10. They have been friends since then.

Fintan Pyren-Enemy Edit

After Ella joined the Black Swan, she encounters Fintan and the Neverseen. She ABSOLUTELY HATED him after their encounter.

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