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Dex and Cress[]

Crex/Dexdreamer is the romantic pairing of MagicDaydreamer and Dex Dizznee.

They first met in a library, where Cress discovered a glitch in a computer. Dex successfully debugged the computer, and quickly fell for Cress, the two bonding over their love of mallowmelt, cinnacreme, coding, and being forgotten. They appear together on the cover of Book 11: Starshine.

Other Names[]

  • Dexdreamer (Dex and MagicDay/Dreamer)
  • Crex (Cr/ess and D/ex)
  • Dress (D/ex and C/ress)
  • CredEx (Cre/ss and Dex)


  • Dex debugs Cress's computer.
  • Dex teaches Cress how to hack any computer.
  • They read to each other all the time.
  • They both appeared on the cover of the 11th book.
  • They bake mallowmelt together on weekends.
  • They have tried to save the world multiple times.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • Both love each other.
  • Both are nerds/Strange Ducks/Awkward Potatoes.
  • Both love the color periwinkle.
  • Both are obsessed with mallowmelt.
  • Both are skilled chefs.
  • Both have a sister.
  • Both have kind parents.
  • Both have previously had crushes on Sophie Foster.
  • Both enjoy coding.
  • Both are hackers.
  • Both tend to stay out of the action.
  • Both are members of the Black Swan.
  • Both have been to both Foxfire and Exillium.
  • Both find call Fitz "Wonderboy".
  • Both are cinnamon rolls.


  • Dex has strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes while Cress has brown hair and brown/hazel eyes.
  • Cress wears glasses while Dex does not.
  • Dex has one special ability, while Cress has multiple.
  • Dex is a Level 4 at Foxfire, while Cress is not.
  • Dex is in Exillium's Left Hemisphere, while Cress is in the Ambi Hemisphere.
  • Cress is a writer while Dex is not.
  • Cress is a Lunar Shell and an elf, while Dex is just an elf.
  • Cress has previously had a girlfriend, while Dex has not.
  • Cress lives in the Forbidden Cities, while Dex lives in the Lost Cities.
  • Dex is male, while Cress is not.
  • Dex has 3 siblings, while Cress has 1.
  • Dex is not bi, while Cress is.