Cress Darnel, AKA MagicDaydreamer, is a character in the KotLC series. They are best friends with Julia Ambrosia, Charlotte O., and Aelin Gravity, and strongly dislike Fintan.

 Appearance Edit

Cress has curly chocolate-brown hair, hazel-brown eyes, and wears glasses.

Abilities Edit

Cress is a Hydrokinetic, Conjurer, Technopath, Polyglot, and Pyrokinetic. They were born with Hydrokinetic and Polyglot abilities, but developed the rest in their teenage years.

Relationships Edit

Dex Dizznee (Dating) Edit

Cress and Dex were love at first sight--they met in Book 9, and have been dating ever since.

Biana Vacker (Good Friend) Edit

Biana and Cress met in Book 13, and have been good friends since.

Fitz Vacker (Friend) Edit

Fitz and Cress met in Book 13. They are not close but remain friends.

Sophie Foster (Good Friend/ex) Edit

Sophie met Cress in book 12 and they instantly realized that they had a ton in common. They dated for a couple of months until both decided they were better as friends.

Julia Ambrosia (Best Friend) Edit

Cress and Julia met in Level One, and both liked Dex (though Julia's crush wore off an hour later because Dex couldn't pronounce "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" and Julia could.) Cress is always there for Julia, and vice versa. They tend to cheer each other up.

Charlotte O. (Best friend) Edit

Cress and Charlotte met in Level Two and quickly became friends due to their identical weirdness and mental synchronization. They laugh - a lot.

Aelin Gravity (Best friend/ex-step-great-youngcousin-in-law) Edit

Cress and Aelin met in Level Two and got lost at Foxfire! They bonded over this incident and laugh in every conversation, managing to be cognates though neither of them is a Telepath.

Keefe Sencen (Annoying Fan Kid/Frenemy/Sister's ex-boyfriend) Edit

Cress's younger sister used to date Keefe, although no longer does. During that time, Cress and Keefe became friends, although Keefe occasionally irritates them.

Fintan Pyren (Enemy) Edit

Cress absolutely despises Fintan. Who wouldn't? They like to say.

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