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Covex/Dover is the romantic pairing of Dex and KOTLC Book covers. They have not seen each other since Book 1, but are still deeply in love. Fans everywhere are pleading with Shannon Messenger to reunite the two lovers in Book 9, since their attempts have failed, much to the despair of fans all over (read: the entire fandom)

Other names

  • Dover (Dex and Cover)
  • Covex (Dex and Cover)


  • Dex is smiling on his only cover, as he is with his love.
  • Dex dislikes "Staying behind and working on the gadgets." If he goes on missions, he is more likely to be on the cover.
  • Dex has hacked into Shannon Messenger's notes multiple times, changing the name of every character in the cover scene to "Dex." However, he was always caught.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • Both tend to favor Sophie above the others.
  • Both are part of every book.
  • Both are absolutely amazing.
  • Most of the FANDOM wants both for Book 9


  • While covers are important and fans go crazy over them, a majority of people fail to appreciate Dex.
  • Dex is male, but the cover most likely identifies as agender, being an inanimate object.
  • Dex is a living thing, but the cover is an inanimate object.


  • Dex was not on the Legacy cover, disappointing many fans.