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Charlotte O, AKA Charlotte O CATS KOTLC, is a (fan-made) character in the KotLC series. She is best friends with Julia Ambrosia, Cress Darnel, and Aelin Gravity, and strongly dislikes the entire Neverseen. Her last name is unknown, and she is still quite mysterious. After first briefly appearing in Book 15: Custard Bursts, she disappeared until Book 18: Wipe. Rumor has it that she's told Cress her last name, but no one is sure. She is currently Level 6 at Foxfire, and absolutely adores the uniforms for each year.

It was mentioned once that she is very deep within the Black Swan. It is unknown if "Charlotte" is even her real name, for she is so secretive about everything personal. In Book 21: Lesbian, she explains part of her backstory to Sophie, Linh, Biana, and Marella. Quoting Biana, "she'd told me about her mysterious affiliation with the Black Swan. She's been part of it for so long, she's even captured and successfully interrogated four Neverseen members, singlehandedly, in her past." Linh had asked Char to continue her story, but she'd disappeared and they'd awkwardly changed the subject.


Charlotte has long, black hair. She always wears it either in two braids or a braided bun. Her eyes are said to be deep navy blue, but when she was sleeping once, there were deep navy blue contacts on her bedside table. Her "real" eye color could be navy blue or something else; no one knows. She always wears at least one pencil either tucked behind her ear or into her bun.

Black Swan Disguise[]

Charlotte is usually wearing her disguise. She is neck-down covered in rainbow steam that dances around her body as she walks. The steam is suspected to be from her water and fire abilities combined and the color from LED lights. Her face is covered by an LED-lit cat mask. The cat mask is black and the lights are blacklight. In Book 18: Wipe, Keefe hadn't yet realized she was with the Black Swan. He had proceeded to rip Char's mask off of her face, only to find a teasing second mask underneath. It was a mask that covered all of her face but her eyes.


Charlotte manifested as a Hydrokinetic at age three. She is skilled at this ability, and a helpful attribute of this is that she manifested as a Pyrokinetic at age 13. She often defuses the accidental flame with her Hydrokinesis ability. She manifested as a Technopath at age 9 and uses the ability frequently, though is still not too good. She still must fully harness the ability. A descryer once leaked the information that she would manifest as a Charger sometime in her late teenage years.