Bluana/Bianjay is the romantic/friendship pairing between Bluejayflyingfree and Biana Vacker. They first met after Bluejay had sacrificed her Bluejay form to become human so she could join the Black Swan. Biana had been the one who first welcomed her, and it was love at first sight. They first had to keep their love a secret, as Bluejay’s parents didn’t approve, but after Biana had a rage moment, Bluejay’s parents were too scared to do anything.


Ship names Edit

  • Bluana (Blu/jay and Bi/ana)
  • Bianjay (Bian/a and Blu/jay)

Moments Edit

  • When Bluejay joined the Black Swan, Biana was the first to welcome her.
  • Biana gave Bluejay the oath.
  • Bluejay asked Biana to be her companion on her first mission.
  • Bluejay stood up to her parents at first about their relationship, but had to back down.
  • Both agreed to continue dating in secret.
  • Biana had a rage moment and convinced Bluejay’s parents to let them date.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  • Both have dark hair
  • Both look cute and nice but are actually fierce
  • Both are good at self-defense
  • Both think older brothers are annoying

Differences Edit

  • Biana has common sense while Bluejay does not
  • Bluejay was originally a blue jay, and became a human, while Biana is and always has been an elf
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